Program And Process

What you get with iShortSale

You get access to a short sale negotiation team experienced through all cycles, combined with a nationwide network of leads, inventory, and clients. We work directly with your seller, lender, settlement services providers, and other involved parties in the traction to allow you more opportunities to grow your business.

Our Role

  • Engage and consult with the lender, the realtor, and the property owner.
  • Inform borrowers and provide them with alternative solutions.
  • Procure short sale approval or other creative solutions from the bank.
  • Consistently work together to determine success potential for all parties involved.

The Process

  • We prepare a thorough evaluation of the market area by understanding how to set the listing price and the bank approval process.
  • We work with you and your client to prepare the financial package and hardship letter required by the lender to approve the short sale.
  • Gain complete access to our advanced loss mitigation analysis.
  • Receive property leads to grow your business even more!

What’s Needed to Start the Short Sale Process?

Hardship Letter

Tax returns from the previous two years

Tax returns

We're here to help!