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Your Authority on the Distressed Marketplace

iShortSale is an authority on the distressed marketplace with over 30 years of successful short sale negotiation experience for thousands of clients. iShortSale‘s expertise in communicating with homeowners, buyers, and lenders has resulted in excellent closing ratios. iShortSale utilizes dedicated short sale processing platforms to expedite transactions. iShortSale provides distressed asset training to educate agents about market conditions and short sales, as well as complete short sale processing services, allowing agents to focus on their clients.

Why Work With iShortSale?

iShortSale is the perfect choice for you and your business. With our team, you can rest assured that the details of the transaction are being taken care of, allowing you to focus on growing your business. We are proud of our extensive track record of successfully negotiating thousands of short sales. Our dedicated team provides direct access to experienced negotiators through any market cycle for increased GCI. To further ensure successful and fast closings, we have a network of interested buyers and inventory nationwide.


Gather and assemble the financial package with all necessary documentation.

Ensure the submission of a Hardship letter that meets all lender requirements.

Leverage our network of buyers who are interested in short sale properties and gain insight into making a competitive offer.


Thoroughly evaluate your market and set a listing price that meets the lender's approval.

Partner with buyers who are interested in short sale properties and use our strategies for making an attractive offer that meets the needs of all parties.

Monitor the sale from escrow initiation to funding, ensuring the proper payoff of debt and lien release of the homeowner.






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