About Us

Who we are

In the complex world of short sales, iShortSale’s principals are regarded by lenders, investors, real estate professionals and clients as industry leaders. Where other short sale companies come and go, iShortSale’s leaders have the experience of operating through numerous real estate cycles to deliver results.

The iShortSale team and its affiliates have assisted thousands of property owners in the intricate business of short sales, modifications, forbearances, and deeds-in-lieu for over 16 years. We create solutions designed to avoid the lengthy and costly process of foreclosure.

Our Mission

To help you avoid the lengthy, costly process of foreclosure and eviction. We deliver fresh starts to homeowners daily by

Presenting solutions to your lenders and negotiating terms for all parties

Minimizing the impact on your credit score

Ensuring that all transactions are in compliance with all state and federal regulations

We're here to help!